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Dublin City: Sources for archaeologists by Judith Carroll published in 2003 (copyright Dublin City Council) commissioned by Dublin City Council.

dublin-city-sources Download the entire PDF here (2.7MB)

The preparation of 'Dublin City: sources for archaeologists' was the initiative of Dublin City Council and was one of the first 'actions' of the Dublin City Heritage Plan 2002. The purpose of this guide was to provide relevant information on sources available for archaeologists carrying out assesments and investigations in Dublin City.

Archaeological investigations in Dublin are usually related to planning and development and may be carried out under the requirement for an Environmental Impact Statement under the European Communities (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 1989, as a condition of planning through the local authority. Occasionally a 'pre-planning' assessment is carried out for an early indication of the archaeological potential of the site.

Main archives and sources
A variety of sources are available. Most archaeologists are familiar with the maps and files in the RMP office which is the first stop-off in carrying out an assessment, while the Museum archives are used and the basic historic maps consulted. The extent of material in many other archives such as the National Archives and the Civic Archives is not well known to all. One of the objects of this source guide is to publish the wealth of material available for information in repositories in Dublin, including the National library.

The scope of this publication
This publication covers the area which is under the jurisdiction of Dublin City Council. This includes the centre of the city, a great deal of the north side and a little of the south side. In Part I, the area of Dublin City Council is outlined. The time periods referred to are also defined. In Part II, main sources of information are listed according to type. In Part III, the repositories in which the material is found are described. In Part IV, primary sources relevant to Dublin and how to access them are discussed. In Part V, relevant published material on the history and archaeology of Dublin is highlighted. The material chosen is aimed at the site-specific investigations. It focuses on published works on the history, archaeology and topography of specific sites and aeras in the city and suburbs of Dublin. In Part VI, lists of archives and archaeological institutions are given.



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