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Ulster 2The physical characteristics and the underlying geology of the border region may give some reasons as to why there is a 'border'. The fact that the Anglo-Normans encroached only a little into the present northern counties may have had a bearing on the future history of the region and the boggy, wooded terrain north and west of Louth may have dictated choice of settlement.

The stages of human occupation of the east border counties of Ireland include the first appearance of man in Ireland in the Mesolithic, and in the Neolithic when he first farmed and built stone tombs. In the Bronze Age metallurgy was first introduced into the country and trade in gold prompted the development of many exotic types of ornaments. The Iron Age with its major defence systems of border ditches and heroic sagas is an important part of cross border archaeology, history and legend. The heroic age is followed by the advent of Christianity in the early medieval period when monastic sites were founded over the entire island, and when ringforts were built widely as farmsteads.



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