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 Mt Jerome Cemetery 2The origin of the name Mount Jerome can be traced to the Reverend Stephen Jerome, a well-known preacher, who served as Vicar of St. Kevin’s parish from 1639 and who leased the lands from the Brabazon family. The estate of Mount Jerome was originally part of lands belonging to St. Thomas’s Abbey in Dublin. On the Dissolution by Henry VIII, the lands were granted to the Brabazon family who later acquired the title of the Earl of Meath. The lands remained in the family of the Earl of Meath until the 19th century and were leased to a number of leading Dublin families from 1706. The date of the construction of the present house at Mount Jerome is not fully known but it is likely that it was built by the early 18th century. Mount Jerome is adjacent to present Harold’s Cross village and is also close to site of DU018-050, an 18th or 19th century inn.

Mount Jerome is in the present townland of Haroldscross (Harolds Cross Village). Little is known about the area of Harolds Cross, much of which stood within the medieval manor of St. Sepulchre. Its name is said to have originated in a cross which marked the boundary of the land of the Archbishop of Dublin at the border of the Pale, separating this land from that of the originally Danish Harold family. A gallows also stood at this boundary. That it was a natural boundary is suggested by the confluence of watercourses (RMP DU018-043002-4).

Archaeological monitoring took place for the construction of the new crematorium and carriage shed within and around the courtyard of the house in phases between May 2010 and August 2010 (Plate 2). No finds or features of archaeological significance came to light. Subsequent work on different parts of the cemetery took place in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Plate 2: works behind present crematorium, facing north-east.



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