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Patrick St./Pudding Lane/Pennyfeather Lane, Kilkenny City



Kilkenny 1 Two large scale excavations (Licence nos. 97E0468 and 98E0092) took place in the heart of Kilkenny City in 1998. Before it was excavated, the site comprised two carparks, including a large public carpark, three single buildings and six extensive areas of garden behind the Georgian houses on Patrick Street. The combined area stretched from no. 26, Patrick St. and along Pudding Lane on its east side. It reached to the city walls at Myles Tower on its west side and, on its north side, to Pennyfeather Lane.

The site was excavated prior to the development of a multi-storey public carpark, hotel, leisure centre and retail buildings, by Southford Properties Ltd and by office/retail and apartment buildings by Jeto Properties. Testing took place in December 1997 while full resolution of both sites took place took place between March and November 1998.

The excavations revealed a large number of pits and other features over the entire area of the development. Half way across the site, or half way between the city walls and Patrick Street, running north-south, was a trench with layers yielding medieval pottery mainly of 13th/14th century date. This trench formed a division between an area of concentrated features, mainly pits, and an area of sparsely distributed features. This trench may have been a boundary fence dividing an area of habitation from an agricultural or grazing area, or common area covered with vegetation. Seven human skeletons were found on the north side of the site, both in Area 1 and Area 3. The excavation brought to light a very large amount of medieval pottery (analysed by Clare McCutcheon) as well as post-medieval pottery (Roseanne Meenan). The large amount of stratified faunal remains was analysed by Eileen Murphy.



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