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Duke Street, Creation Arcade, Dublin 2

Excavation Licence no. 12E0361, 2013-2014




Monitoring took place between early May 2013 to late August on the north half of the site and again from late January to late February 2014 on the south part of the site. There was some difference in the type of stratigraphy between both areas. In monitoring in the northern half it was noted that the ground was very disturbed by cellaring, though it was noted that natural was found at a depth of only 1m in the southernmost part of the area monitored during summer 2013. This indicated that the south part of the site may have comprised garden areas. This would be borne out by the monitoring during January-February 2014, where, though the ground was very disturbed by modern services, there was no indication of cellaring, while there was extensive indication of rubbish pits of mainly 18th/19th century date. The maps show that the site was on a main thoroughfare and built on since the 17th or 18th century. Though extensive development is not clear on de Gomme's map of 1673, it is on Brookings map of the early 1728 century. Therefore by the early 18th century, houses may have faced out on Duke Street and would have been backed by gardens while streets such as Lemon Street would have developed as a back lane.

Photo is of figurine, possibly 18th century, found during monitoring at Duke Street.

Click to view or download: Archaeological Monitoring Report, March-August 2013 and January-February 2014.



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