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Crumlin House, St Teresa's Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12 -extension works

Excavation Licence no. 04E0835 ext, 2013




Monitoring works took place during November 2013 in accordance with planning ref no. 2710/11. Works at the 18th century house with its 19th/20th extensions had already been monitored under licence number 04E0835 in 2012, while assessments for development plans had originally taken place in 2004. This year, development works comprised the installation of a lift in the front of the house in a 20th century extension to the main house on its north-east side.

In the small area of the lift shaft, a structure came to light. It was built of rough angular and sub-angular limestone stones and cobbles. It was heavily mortared with a grey-to pale brown, coarse mortar, and was built directly onto the underlying shale bedrock. Two thirds of the structure was exposed in the trench. The northern end of the structure formed an arched tunnel 0.8m in length and 1.2m in width. It continued northward under a modern internal wall. The southeast end of the structure formed a rectilinear construction with an internal width of roughly 0.5m and walls of 0.4m thickness. These walls were surmounted by a lintel. The stonework continued into the eastern baulk and seemed to widen into a larger structure.

The internal fill of the structure was excavated to a depth of 0.98m. Several animal bones and one piece of post-medieval pottery was found. The exposed section of the structure was fully excavated and recorded. The full area of the foundation trench was then excavated by mechanical digger and levelled. No further archaeological material came to light.

The fact that the structure acted as a drain indicated that this was its original function. It was close to a well and sump found during trial testing in 2004 and it is suggested that the various structures were all related to the water management plan of Crumlin House and its gardens built in the early eighteenth century.

Click to view or download: Report on Archaeological Monitoring of Extension works, February 2014.



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