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Corduff 2The site is located to the north-east of Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. It is on the former Corduff estate, the grounds and demesne lands of Corduff House. The location of the Corduff House was on the highest point in the immediate area at 64.325 OD.

The site of the development of the Childcare Centre is located in the vicinity of RMP DU 013-025, a dwelling. The RMP files refer to the large house and gardens figured on the Down Survey maps of circa 1655, in the Corduff Demesne. The exact position of the 17th century house in the estate is not clear, but it is suggested in the files that it may be on the site of, or incorporated in, the demesne house which existed there. Rocque’s map shows the demesne in 1760, but does not further clarify the position of the major house. The position of Corduff House in the early 19th century is recorded on the first edition OS map and again in the early 20th century on the OS map 1910. From this series of maps it would appear that the precise location of Corduff House within Corduff Demesne has changed considerably over time.

Fig 2: Rocque's Map, 1760



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