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Camac River Improvement Scheme in Corkagh Demesne, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin




During monitoring of topsoil stripping for the Camac River Improvement Scheme in Corkagh Demesne (licence 01E0849) in the area of the proposed 'south-east lake', archaeological cut features and human remains were found. In this area, removal of topsoil revealed the presence of cut features containing organic soil, slag, charcoal and animal bone over an area about 25m north-east/south-west. Because the contractors were on site, there was a need for immediate resolution of the archaeological features, and an excavation licence was applied for (01E0911). Meanwhile monitoring continued in the area and the contractors were required to strip the rest of the area with a flat bucket under archaeological supervision. Human remains were subsequently located in one area of the site, while archaeological material was found at the east end of the area of the south-east lake.

The south-east corner of the field was curvilinear in shape and may thus retain part of the line of a former enclosure. The perimeters of the site were defined by the field boundary. The archaeological material identified was mainly situated in the eastern 75m of the site (Areas B, C, D and E were situated here), but further related archaeological activity (Area A) was situated in the south-east corner of the field in an area 35m by 20m. The area between appeared to very disturbed and it is likely that the lack of archaeological activity here is due to the Foot and Mouth Disease crisis during the 1960s when cattle were, according to reports from local people, buried in the field.

According to South Dublin County Council, this area of the park had a substantial amount of topsoil removed in the years prior to the archaeological excavation but there were no records of finds of skeletons.




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